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About Us

We are a locally owned and operated business out of Pittsboro, NC. We have many years of experience training and working with the highly intelligent Border Collie. All of our dogs are certified with the American Kennel Club as Canine Good Citizens. They are not only good at their job, but are very people friendly. Our dogs are also certified with the North American Goosedog Association. This ensures that only the best dogs are used within our company, doing the best job possible at managing nuisance goose problems. We truly choose only the best dogs to train and work with us for the most favorable results.

We offer solutions for ALL types of nuisance wildlife! Raccoons, squirrels, and deer are just a few types of wildlife that find themselves in the wrong places at times. We offer easy and affordable solutions to rid your home or property of these nuisances. We can also assess any damage caused by these animals and offer quick and easy repairs to your structure or home.

Who are we at First in Flight? I am Christy Bierema, born and raised in NC and a resident all of my life. I have trained dogs for as long as I can remember, but specifically Border Collies for the past 20+ years. I have worked at a very successful veterinary hospital for 18+ years and have extensive knowledge of veterinary medicine. I also have been certified by the state of NC as a Wildlife Damage Control Agent. I love training and working with my Border Collies and they absolutely love having such an awesome job. Along with my husband David, we strive to provide our area with the best wildlife management services possible. David has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, along with years of experience with our Border Collies. Together, we can solve all of your wildlife issues and repair any damage done to your property.

Our Team

Christy Bierema

Owner Operator

David Bierema

Goose Control Specialist

Our Team
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