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Specializing in Goose Control

Managing all types of nuisance wildlife

Why choose First in Flight Wildlife Management?

Simply put, our trained Border Collies mimic a natural threat to the birds, which encourages them to move to other areas. Birds will not stay in one place very long if they feel there is a predator in the area. The constant presence of our dogs gives the birds an uneasy feeling, prompting them to move on to other locations. This is the safest and most effective way to move birds away from undesirable locations. Our dogs are very experienced, highly trained, and motivated to get the job done. We train Border Collies specifically due to their drive, intelligence, and desire to herd and work. They do NOT intend to cause harm to any animal they are working, making them the best choice for nuisance bird management. Birds simply do not want to stay in an area with the presence of these diligent dogs.


We also provide solutions for ALL types of nuisance wildlife, not just geese. Explore our page to learn about all that we do!


Read below why we are the first choice in nuisance wildlife management in our area.

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